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Providing Access Control Solutions for Secure Facilities

Security Defense Systems Worldwide, Inc. (“SDSW”) is an anti-terrorist/security access control company providing solutions to controlling access to any secure facility worldwide at any security level desired. Security Defense Systems Worldwide differentiates itself by using its own patented GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal that is approved by the United States Federal Aviation Administration for use as an unmanned entry or egress system.

The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal is also the only security portal certified by the United States Department of State for forced entry and ballistics and verified compliant by the United States Department of Homeland Security, TSA. Our security portal will allow for the seamless integration of most biometric security products, therefore enabling facilities to assign appropriate security threat levels instantaneously.

About Us

The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal is SDSW’s main product. It is considered the only Anti-Terrorist/Security Access Control System that can be customized to accommodate ballistic and bomb retardant levels specific to the geographic area it is targeted for. Combined with any number of biometric systems, the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal is the first line of defense that any secure facility has to protect its people and products stored inside, or from an external threat.

The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal will ultimately replace all walk-through metal detectors currently being used today. The basic advantage of this type of security system is that it is nonconfrontational while creating an uncompromised level of safety in that it never allows the secured area to be compromised.

We at Security Defense Systems Worldwide feel that there are many security holes in the United States infrastructure. Starting with the airports as well as the sensitive areas of the docks and other waterways, we feel that not enough resources have been made available to secure these areas like they should be. In addition, all of our domestic nuclear power plants, water treatment facilities, sensitive state and city buildings, courts, jails are just a few areas that we can identify as lacking in managing to maintain a true secured interior environment. If you then add the number of corporate buildings where thousands of people work every day in our large major cities and one can envision the staggering need for our GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal in almost every industrial environment.
There are a growing number of attacks on Americans and infrastructure in America as well as the entire world. It is up to us to stop these attacks in the most effective manner possible. The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal can certainly make a person think twice before trying to access a secured area. Why not make things just a little more difficult for the people trying to do us harm every day. We at Security Defense Systems Worldwide are looking for the opportunity to protect all American citizens while also helping the rest of the world feel secure.


At Security Defense Systems Worldwide, our main priority is to provide our customers with unparalleled products that offer both a high level of security, reliability, and safety. Our security solutions, particularly those built into the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal, address three primary areas of security:


Our security products incorporate a variety of biometric solutions that allow the facility to flexibly adjust the security threat levels immediately without alarming those in the working environment. In addition, the GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal will track and record the time and identification of all who enter and exit the facility.


The GIL-2001-2DLV Anti-Terrorist/Security Portal is a state of the art anti-terrorist/security access control portal that is certified by both the United States Department of State and the United States Department of Homeland Security. The anti-terrorist/security portal can be a manned or unmanned access control system that will allow access only to those that are programmed to meet certain security levels.

The anti-terrorist/security portal will prevent piggybacking and detect weapons and contraband while controlling traffic flow and restricting unauthorized personnel to secured areas. In a majority of cases, a six-second cycle time assures rapid processing with minimal delays. The portal can be ordered to meet or exceed desired ballistic and bomb-proof levels.



Our solutions are designed and developed to operate over any mix of facility infrastructures, enabling seamless integration into existing environments.
There is a growing trend towards the ever-increasing number of attacks utilizing sophisticated methods. Methods include threats, bombing, kidnapping, hostage-taking, hijacking, assassination, sabotage arson, armed raids or attacks, and other measures to disrupt daily activities. Such actions occur routinely in many parts of the world, and almost anyone or facility is at risk.
"In the past, we have secured buildings against crime, fire, property damage, theft and injury. Now we are securing buildings for other things like terrorist attacks," says Larry Conlon, director of asset services for Cushman & Wakefield in New York.
''Those scenarios will mandate that we bring the level of access security to an entirely different level”.Today, building owners have two primary goals for their security systems. One is protecting and enhancing the asset, and the second is attracting and retaining tenants. The challenge they face is to create and maintain a security program that achieves both those objectives without generating costs that offset the benefits. Even insurance companies today recognize the need to offer discount incentives so that building owners can afford to incorporate security systems into everyday building services.

While preventing catastrophic attacks is a critical objective, there is also a growing need to protect employees and assets from workplace violence. According to the Department of Justice, an average of 20 workers are murdered and another 18,000 assaulted in U.S. workplaces each week.

Security Defense Systems Worldwide is privileged to play a role in helping millions of people around the world stay protected through the use of our risk assessment services and products.

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US Patent No. 6,472,984
US Patent No. 6,724,304